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Klaudena User Guide

👋 Hi there! On this page, you’ll find a short guide with all the information you need about our Klaudena Cushions. Click on the topic that interests you below.

Unboxing Your Comfort Solution How to Use Your Klaudena Seat Cushion How to Take Care of Your Klaudena Seat Cushion How to Use Your Klaudena Back Support Pillow How to Use Your Klaudena Foot Rest Pillow

Unboxing Your Comfort Solution

Larger than it looks

We ship your Klaudena Seat Cushion in a vacuum-packed bag to minimize packaging size and reduce environmental impact. When the Cushion arrives, simply take it out of the packaging and leave it for 24 hours to fully expand and reveal its true shape and size. There may be a slight chemical smell when you first take Klaudena out of its packaging, but this will go away quickly.

1. Open the packaging with scissors, carefully cutting along the edge. Remove Klaudena from the packaging and leave the cushion to expand.

2. For the best results, let the memory foam expand for 24 hours to regain its shape, size, and firmness.

3. Experience the joy of sitting with Klaudena's exceptional support and comfort, wherever you choose to relax.

How to Use Your Klaudena Seat Cushion

Klaudena is the best sitting solution. With its universal ergonomic design and light yet durable memory foam, Klaudena can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Where You Can Enjoy Klaudena

Thanks to Klaudena's lightweight and portable design, you can easily take it with you on the go. Enjoy enhanced comfort and support, whether you’re sitting in the car, office, at home, and more.

How to Place Klaudena on Any Chair

Place Klaudena directly on any seat, with the curved side facing the chair's back and the straight side towards the front.

How to Sit on Klaudena

Sit on your Klaudena cushion with your legs at a comfortable, 90° angle and feet flat on the ground. Klaudena’s memory foam will adapt to your unique body and encourage correct posture. Plus, with the cushion's contoured design, you’ll get superior grip and stability, preventing unwanted movement or sliding. When you want to change seats, simply remove the cushion and place it where you wish to sit.

How to Take Care of Your Klaudena Seat Cushion

Removable Cover

Your Klaudena Seat Cushion comes with a removable and easy-to-clean cover for minimal maintenance.

How and When to Wash

The removable seat cushion cover is both hand and machine-washable. So you can pop it in the wash whenever needed, but please make sure to read the label instructions first. The inner memory foam cushion can not be washed.

Klaudena removable cover washing temperature: max 30C/85F

Klaudena Materials

Klaudena Memory Foam Seat Cushion is made from a high-quality memory foam material. The removable cover is made from 100% polyester and the inner cushion is made from 100% polyurethane. Klaudena weighs 500g and measures 45 x 38 x 10 cm.

How to Use Your Klaudena Back Support Pillow

From Slouch to Support

The Klaudena Back Support Pillow, crafted with high-quality memory foam and an ergonomic design, delivers exceptional back support and comfort for extended periods of sitting.

How to Put Back Pillow on Chair

How to Put Back Pillow on Chair

Lengthen the pillow's straps to accommodate the width of your chair's backrest. Position the pillow as desired, then wrap and secure the straps around the backrest for a snug fit.

How to Adjust Back Pillow

To adjust the Back Pillow’s straps, simply slide the buckle along the strap to achieve the desired length.

Best Way to Use Klaudena

For ultimate support, comfort, and relief, use both the Klaudena Back Pillow and the Klaudena Seat Cushion.

How to Use Your Klaudena Foot Rest Pillow

Relief at Your Feet

Ensuring that your feet are well-positioned while sitting is crucial to maintaining overall comfort and support. The Klaudena Footrest Pillow not only enhances comfort but also helps improve circulation, reduce strain, and alleviate discomfort.

How to Put Foot Rest Pillow

Position the pillow under your desk or sitting area.

How to Adjust Foot Rest Pillow

Adjust your chair height for comfortable foot placement.

Best Way to Use Klaudena

Adjust the pillow as needed for optimal comfort.

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